“Brooklyn 45” unfolds on a chilling December night in 1945, in the heart of Brooklyn, where five military veterans, bound by the deep camaraderie of their wartime experiences, reunite in the grandeur of an old Brooklyn brownstone. This gathering, meant to rekindle old friendships and share war stories, takes an unexpected turn into the realms of the supernatural and psychological horror. As the night progresses, the veterans are confronted with their own inner demons and the unspeakable horrors of war that follow them home, revealing a sinister presence that has been waiting for them. With their pasts haunting them in the physical and metaphorical shadows of the brownstone, they must face the consequences of their actions during the war and the secrets that threaten to tear apart the fabric of their brotherhood. The film is a tense, character-driven narrative that explores themes of trauma, guilt, and redemption, all while delivering a period horror experience rooted in the aftermath of World War II.