In the shadowed valleys of 1973 Wales, a tale as old as time whispers through the trees, finding its voice in the upcoming psychological horror film, “Rabbit Trap”. Directed by Bryn Chainey in their feature-length debut, this film promises to entwine the eerie with the ethereal, led by the enigmatic Dev Patel and Rosy McEwen​​.

“Rabbit Trap” tells the story of Darcy and Daphne Davenport, married musicians played by Patel and McEwen. Seeking solace and inspiration, they move from the bustling streets of London to a secluded cabin in Wales, hoping to complete their new record. But the Welsh hills hold more than just tranquility; when the couple inadvertently captures a mystical sound, a sound unheard by human ears, they awaken something ancient and unfathomable. Enter a strange child, who begins to unravel the fabric of their reality, entwining them with the ancient ghosts of nature itself​​​​.

Produced by Elijah Wood’s SpectreVision, alongside a talented team including Lawrence Inglee and Sean Marley of Mad As Birds, “Rabbit Trap” is currently in post-production, with an eye on a 2024/2025 release. Filmed in Wales, the movie’s setting is as much a character as the actors themselves, enveloping the story in an authentic aura of mystery and lore​​​​​​.

The film’s allure lies not just in its haunting narrative but also in the sonic world it promises. Producer Elijah Wood describes Chainey’s vision as a fusion of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and authentic Celtic Faerie lore, unfolding in a landscape of mythical marriage and sonic wonder. The film is expected to immerse audiences in a world full of spirits from the ancient world, a testament to Chainey’s arresting take on horror​​.

Dev Patel, known for his evocative performances in “Slumdog Millionaire” and “The Green Knight”, brings a depth to Darcy that is sure to captivate. His journey through the film’s nightmarish fantasy, spurred by the fearsome sound caught on 1970s headphones, promises to be as thrilling as it is chilling​​.

As horror enthusiasts and Dev Patel fans alike await the release of “Rabbit Trap”, one thing is certain: the hills of Wales are alive, not with music, but with something far more ancient and whispering. The film, with its blend of psychological terror and folklore, is poised to be a unique entry in the horror genre, a symphony of scares waiting to be heard.

So, dear readers, prepare to be entranced by the haunting melody of “Rabbit Trap”. In the world of horror, some sounds can never be unheard, echoing long after the final credits roll. This film beckons us into its fold, to experience a story where sound is not just heard, but felt – a siren’s call from the heart of the Welsh wilderness, leading us down a rabbit hole of surreal horror and bewitching narrative. Keep your ears sharp and your mind open; “Rabbit Trap” is set to redefine the bounds of auditory horror.