Here’s a brief synopsis for a movie trailer of Lisa Frankenstein:

In the vivid backdrop of the 1980s, Lisa Frankenstein offers a whimsical twist on the classic tale by Mary Shelley. Directed by Zelda Williams, this horror-comedy film is a ‘coming of rage love story’ that follows Lisa Swallows, an unpopular and misunderstood goth teenager. Amidst a lightning storm, Lisa, played by Kathryn Newton, unexpectedly reanimates a handsome Victorian corpse, portrayed by Cole Sprouse. Using a quirky, malfunctioning tanning machine in her garage, she sets out to transform this once-dead figure into her ideal companion.

As the narrative unfolds, Lisa and her resurrected beau embark on a darkly whimsical and macabre adventure. Their journey is not just about discovering love and happiness but also involves a peculiar quest for a few missing body parts. The trailer teases an eerie yet heartwarming story where the duo navigates their newly entwined existences, offering a unique, fun, and hilarious take on the iconic Frankenstein story.

The film also stars Carla Gugino, alongside Liza Soberano and Joe Chrest, and promises to be a captivating blend of horror and comedy. Lisa Frankenstein is set to release in theaters on February 9, 2024, making it a perfect, unconventional choice for Valentine’s Day​​​​​​.