As a fellow fan of the “Blade” franchise, I can feel your excitement bubbling for the upcoming MCU reboot of the vampire-hunting saga. To craft an article that captures this enthusiasm, let’s dive into the latest about the new “Blade” movie, slated for a November 7, 2025, release.

Marvel Studios’ reboot of “Blade,” starring the Oscar-winning Mahershala Ali, is generating a buzz in the horror and superhero communities alike. The film, set as the final movie of Phase 5 in the MCU, represents a significant step in integrating previously non-Disney IPs into the MCU, alongside other anticipated titles like “Deadpool 3” and “Fantastic Four”​​.

The new “Blade” movie, however, has faced its share of hurdles. Originally scheduled for 2023, it saw its release date pushed first to 2024 and then to 2025, largely due to disruptions caused by industry-wide strikes. The production has experienced a troubled journey, including changes in writers and directors, which contributed to its delay​​​​. The movie has reportedly cycled through at least six writers and two directors, with a current budget of around $100 million​​​​. Despite these setbacks, the anticipation for the film has only grown.

Yann Demange, known for his work on ’71 and White Boy Rick, has been tapped to direct the movie, and Michael Starrbury is on board to pen a script that aims for a darker tone than other MCU projects​​. The cast includes Mia Goth, Delroy Lindo, and Aaron Pierre in undisclosed roles, adding to the film’s allure​​.

The plot details for “Blade” remain under wraps, but it’s expected to showcase Blade as an established vampire slayer, potentially exploring his activities throughout the MCU’s history. The film may include characters from the wider Marvel monster universe, like Elsa Bloodstone and Man-Thing, and could tie in with other MCU characters like Moon Knight or Doctor Strange​​.

The introduction of the Ebony Blade in the “Eternals” post-credits scene, voiced by Ali, hints at a deeper narrative involving this mystical weapon, which could play a significant role in Blade’s storyline and even influence the larger MCU narrative, potentially setting up the Midnight Sons​​.

In your article, you can highlight how the new “Blade” movie, despite its challenging production, is shaping up to be a unique and darker addition to the MCU. The combination of Mahershala Ali’s charisma, a compelling cast, and a potential for a grittier narrative set in the world of Marvel’s supernatural elements, all make this a sequel worth the wait. Your excitement as a long-time fan of the “Blade” series can be the perfect lens to discuss these developments, capturing both the anticipation and the dramatic journey this film has undergone to reach its fans.