The Main Course Approaches

The horror genre is about to be served a tantalizing dish with the upcoming movie “Thanksgiving (2023)”. Helmed by the acclaimed director, Eli Roth, known for his unique flair in horror storytelling, this movie is already sending ripples through the horror community.

The cast includes notable names like Rick Hoffman, Gina Gershon, and Patrick Dempsey, alongside young talents like Milo Manheim and Addison Rae. Their combined acting prowess under Roth’s seasoned direction is expected to deliver a narrative that will have audiences’ hearts pounding and eyes glued to the screen.

The screenplay is co-written by Jeff Rendell, who also joins Roth in crafting the story, making it a promising venture filled with suspense, eerie atmospheres, and the spine-chilling horror that Roth is known for​1​.

As the title suggests, “Thanksgiving” might offer a horrifying take on the beloved holiday, turning joyful feasts into a nightmare that the audience won’t easily forget. While detailed plot information is yet to be disclosed, the anticipation is already building.

Readers at Palace of Horror would do well to mark their calendars for this one. Stay tuned for more updates, trailers, and sneak peeks that are likely to drop as we near the release date of “Thanksgiving (2023)”. The horror community is in for a treat, or perhaps more fittingly, a terrifying feast that will satiate their appetite for fear.