This fall, the harrowing true events that once shook a small town are being retold in the chilling new thriller, “Squealer.” Scheduled for release on November 3, 2023, the film delves into the darkness that descended upon a community when young women began to vanish without a trace.

A formidable cast led by Kate Moennig and Wes Chatham takes us through a story of desperation and fear as a local police officer and a savvy social worker unravel clues leading to a secluded pig farm. There, they uncover the grisly truth of a butcher whose sinister activities transcend his day job, spiraling into the realm of a serial killer.

“Squealer” is more than a horror film—it’s a blood-curdling journey into the psyche of a murderer. Produced by Lionsgate and bound to leave audiences breathless, this film is a grim reminder of the evil that can lurk in the most unsuspecting places​1​.