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Splatter Disco Trailer

Kent Chubb thinks life couldn’t possibly get any worse when the mayor, his sociopath mother, and the city council threaten to close down his nightclub Den O’ Iniquity for acts of perversion. Enlisting the help of his father, Shank … Full DescriptionChubb, Kent, and club regulars attempt to educate the town to the community service function of the club: providing a safe and welcoming environment for all the oddball local citizens.


Swamp Devil (2008)

A young lady returns to her southern hometown to learn that her estranged father is in hiding, accused of murder in the swamps. But when the real culprit emerges, an inhuman, killing mass of mud and vines, more surprises emerge from the bog those of a town healer, of a secret buried years ago, and of the true identity of the vengeful Swamp Devil.

Director: David Winning
Writer: Gary Dauberman
Cast: Bruce Dern, Cindy Sampson, Nicolas Wright, Robert Higden


Platoon of the Dead Trailer

In the distant future, man’s greatest enemy is one another as the flesh-eating undead wages war against the living! A Marine platoon is ambushed during a mission, leaving only three soldiers alive to fend off the growing army of the living dead.


Body # 19 Trailer

In his dreams, a mysterious man murders her, slices her body into pieces and flushes them down the toilet. The dreams haunt him even when he is awake and eventually he feels as if his own body is being dissected and carved up by a surgical knife.

[youtube  g07Jvp0I12I]


Loner (2008)

Ha-Jung and Soon-na are best friends & students at the same school. However, while Soon-na has a happy and outgoing personality, Ha-Jung is often the target of extreme cruelty at the hands of bullies. After her best friend’s strange suicide, the formerly bright and outgoing Soon-na locks herself in her room and becomes a recluse.

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Franklyn Trailer

The film is a split narrative set simultaneously in contemporary London and in a future metropolis ruled by religious fervor. It’s the story of four lost souls, divided by two parallel worlds, on course for an explosive collision when a single bullet will decide all their fates.


The Dunwich Horror (2009)

New adaptation of the classic Lovecraft tale is set in Louisiana and tells the story of several scholars headed by Henry Armitage who discover the secret to destroying mysterious, other-worldly beings that threaten humankind. Jeff plays Wilbur Whateley, part of a strange, inbred family who with the help of the dreaded tome, The Necronomicon, helps unleash these beings on to the world.

Director: Leigh Scott
Writer: H.P. Lovecraft, Leigh Scott
Cast: Griff Furst, Sarah Lieving, Dean Stockwell, Jeffrey Combs


1920 – Movie Trailer

Watch trailer of Vikram Bhatt’s thrilling horror film ‘1920’ starring Rajneesh Duggal, Adah Sharma, Raj Zutshi, Vipin Sharma, Vallab Vyas, Anjorie Alag.


Black XXX-Mas (1999)

Once upon a time there was reality. Now in reality, there are no good and bad guys. There are just bad guys and guys that are worse. This tale is an updated, megaviolent Little Red Riding Hood and is definitely not suitable for the kiddies!

Director: Pieter Van Hees
Writer: Pieter Van Hees
Cast: Don Warrington, Rochelle Gadd, Manou Kersting, Hilde Wils


The Telling Trailer

In this horror anthology film, three girls pledge the most popular – and cruelest – sorority on campus. For their final task, they must tell the scariest story they know.



Sherlock Holmes

New Moon

District 9

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


The Stepfather



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