Something to Scream About is a documentary looking at the lives and acting parts of some of our favorite scream queens. It was really cool to hear what they thought of the horror industry, their fans and some of the really shitty roles they took on and managed to have fun with them. Now we all know that some of these roles were a total embarrassment to even to admit doing but everyone has to start somewhere…right? (Click the Pic)

From Julie Strain to Denise Duff we are showed some clips of their acting along with some in depth answers to all the questions you have no doubt always wondered about yourself. Felicia Rose from the Sleep Away Camp franchise seems so sweet and really into everything she does and she loves her fans and you can tell this by the way she speaks so highly of them.

I am not going to lie; I thought this documentary would be so boring it would cause me to watch it in little installments thru out a few days because I hated it so much, thankfully that wasn’t the case. I thought it was very interesting and very informative. If your anything like me you watch these films and sometime’s think things like why did they do that a certain way or why didn’t they do this, and in here you might find out why.

Brinke Stevens hosts this inspirational flick that celebrates the women in horror and every effort they have made to make a name for themselves. Everyone on here Debbie Rochon included remind us that they are just people to and they appreciate us fans more than we could imagine. I think any genre of an audience would enjoy this, well maybe there is too much adult like content for children but when they get a little older the can tune in themselves and enjoy.